Abstract art for sale Perth

If you are looking for original abstract art for sale in Perth, you have landed on the right page. On Artbygiudi.com you will find contemporary abstract art for sale. You can either buy original artworks straight from the website, or you can order a custom abstract artwork.

Now that I have your attention, and since you have been searching for “abstract art for sale Perth”, you might be interested in knowing a bit more about abstract art. Well, let’s take a look at what abstract art is and where it is originating.

What is abstract art?

Abstract art, sometimes also commonly referred to as non-objective art, non-figurative art and contemporary art, is an artform that does not, in any way, try to represent something in specific.

In contrast to landscape paintings, portraits and similar types of detail-to-detail recreations, abstract art focuses on the visual quality of the work and lets the viewer interpret the meaning of the artwork. Abstract artists use shapes, lines, colours and forms to achieve this effect, among other things. In a terminological manner, the term abstract means to “extract” or “remove” one thing from another. 

In essence, to some people abstract art may seem like a total accidental mess of paint on a piece of canvas, but for someone else, it will have a whole nother meaning and will leave them with a great impact.

A bit of history of abstract art

Abstract art can be traced back to the 19th century in Europe where expressionism and impressionism painters were experimenting with the concept that paintings can capture emotions and subjectivity. Around this time, and contrary to realism painters who attempted to depict accurate lifeforms, many of these artists refused to paint and draw something that represented the real world. Instead, they wanted to “move” the viewer with their abstract work.

Where can I buy abstract art in Perth?

On artbygiudi.com you can find a wide range of abstract artworks. At Art By Giudi you can buy abstract art in various colours and tones. If you are looking to buy a large canvas painting or a huge abstract painting for your living room, then Artbygiudi.com offers custom original artworks for sale in Perth. Simply contact the artist to ask for a custom artwork. 

When you order a custom piece on artbygiudi.com you can let Giudi know what sort of colours and tones you would like to have on your custom art piece. Giudi offers: 

  • Colourful abstract art
  • Minimalist abstract art
  • Black and white abstract art
  • Framed abstract art
  • Canvas abstract art
  • Geometric abstract art

Examples of abstract art

Here are some custom abstract artworks created by Giudi:

All these abstract art pieces are for sale on the website:

Artbygiudi.com offers delivery of original artworks in Perth.